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Romney right on “victim” statement

The truth hurts sometimes. People don’t like to hear that they are wrong for expecting things from the government. Fact: about 49% of Americans pay no federal income tax. Fact: about 46% of Americans receive a check from the government for medicaide, food stamps, welfare.

This type of environment does not encourage entrepreneurship or hard work but rather the opposite. Big government has breed a culture of dependence and dependence causes envy. Envy of those who are living the American dream. Envy of those who succeed. And that my friends causes people to feel victimized. Obama knows this. That is why he attacks the rich at every turn. That is why he puts the classes against each other. That is why Mitt Romney is right and President Obama is wrong.

On a side note:

I also love that Obama’s assault on the rich has not so much as stirred a peep from the media but Romney spitting out a little truth, now that’s class warfare.



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