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Obama Blames GOP for Problems…Again

Ask a liberal: Were Reagan’s and George H.W. Bush’s policies the reason for the booming economy of the 1990’s?  Was Clinton responsible for 9/11 and the uninhibited rise of fundamentalist Islam around the globe?  Most would say no.  But ask them if the current state of the US economy is the fault of failed policies of the George W. Bush administration and the answer you will receive is a resounding YES!

Aside from the fact that liberal’s are incapable of applying logic to a problem, why are they so quick to pick and choose?  The answer is simple,  they cannot grasp that liberal, socialist policies do not work.  The economic woes of America must be caused by some other reason.  There is no way it could have anything to do with excessive federal spending, increased reforms on the private sector (causing historical unemployment), or a complete lack of leadership in the White House.

But alas, the cold, hard truth is that our President has radical views on America, our economy and our place in the world.  As Karl Marx explained, Capitalism is necessary for Communism to be realized.   In the simplest of terms, Capitalism must fail, socialism must take hold and eventually Communism will set in just as soon as the benevolent leaders give up their power, position and money.  Obama, no doubt, seems more than happy to help the cause and destroy Capitalism under the false pretense that it does not work.

So, there he was last night on 60 Minutes, our most gracious and benevolent leader, pointing fingers at the GOP and crying wolf.  He spoke of the GOP being unwilling to make “common sense” concessions due to their “ideological baggage.”  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (uh oh call the PC police), Obama has enough ideological baggage that even Southwest Airlines would charge baggage fees.  Obama is positioning himself to run against congress in 2012, not the GOP candidate.  Why?  Because he cannot run on his record or against any of the GOP contenders.  He has to run against congresses record and if the populist masses buy into his lies once again he might just succeed.

The GOP is far from perfect, many of the party elite are nothing more then big government Republicans.   What Obama clearly missed, as was evident in his interview last night, is that people blame the guy at the top, and in this case rightfully so, for the economic hardships that are effecting each and every one of us.  There are times to work together and there are times to stand up and say enough is enough.  This is one of those times and there is no room for failure on the conservative front.  I say, continue to stop each and every tax increase that the Obama administration tries to push through congress, continue to challenge each and every socialist program and idea that comes out of the white house, and continue to ensure the failure of President Obama’s administration, because anything less might ensure the failure of our great Nation.

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