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Liberal Unions: Shame Shame

While we all know democratically elected politicians (specifically Republicans) are a sore spot with the Left.  Why should such simple people as the American public be allowed to choose their own government?  Well, the perfect storm is brewing in Wisconsin.  As you may know, a tragic thing (note sarcasm) occurred in November when the people of Wisconsin elected a Republican Governor who vowed to change state workers entitlements and help alleviate the ever mounting debt in The Badger State.

Talking heads on the left enjoy nothing more than to vilify Gov. Walker for doing that which he promised he would do on the campaign trail.  Why is this a shock?  It’s not.  It is nothing more than another desperate attempt by the Democrats to hold on to their crumbling empire.  Who can blame them though.  The unions pay for their campaigns, their homes, help keep them in power and sleep well at night.  The left needs unions like it needs to keep minorities poor.  Union workers have a forced dependency on Democrats as their pay, benefits and retirement all depend on corrupt politicians making deals.  And the worst part of the whole thing, those deals involve taking more of your money ( in the case of government unions) and in the case of Wisconsin, hurt the children.

This is about greed and nothing else.  Always is with the unions.  Gimme Gimme Gimme.  They do not believe that any responsibility lies with themselves to pay for their own benefits, retirement, etc.

Newsflash: Teachers should pay into their benefits at the same level as the rest of the private workforce (and so should ALL government employees).  You are not special.   Forklift operators at a Ford Tuck Plant should not make $80 an hour (true story in Louisville, KY) just for doing their job at the same place for many years.  Wanna make more than $18 an hour, contribute more (and Car companies need bailouts.  Shocking).  If you are not allowed to teach kids in New York because you abused a student, you should be fired on the spot, not collecting a salary, benefits and a retirement because of a union contract (see New York Public Schools cannot lay off 4000 former teachers).

Wake up America.  This is our Country going to Sh#t.


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