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ACORN funding may renew Saturday

hellerThe Democratic Party “support organization “ACORN has been mired in scandal for months even years with accusations of voter fraud, tax evasion, and the misuse of tax payer money. Under the veil of a “non-profit” organization, ACORN has broken any number of rules, regulations and guidelines that non-profits and for-profits alike must follow.

Recently Congress voted to suspend, not end, federal monetary support of ACORN, an act of solidarity among both parties, but in the end just an act.  The Democratic Party has nurtured ACORN for quite some time and the results have payed off.  Voter fraud (in favor of the DNC), the rallying of unions and minorities to the Democratic party through partisan classes, lectures and programs aimed to persuade uneducated potential voters to vote for the asses.  Much of ACORN’s funding, if not most, was not suspended, only non-profits wit the ACORN name lost funding, while all the subsidiary and DBA’s still got the dollars they wanted.

Now, on Saturday all of the funding that has been withheld could once again flow into the corrupt ban accounts of ACORN.  Yet another small problem that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D- California) and Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) have chosen not to mention.  Byron York wrote in Tuesday’s Washington Post that “When the congressional defunding of ACORN went into effect on October 1, there was a continuing resolution in place that would last until October 31 — this Saturday. The ACORN ban was in that resolution, so it will also expire on Saturday.”  He went on to point out that the ACORN defunding resolution language can simply not be included in the new resolution. ( Congress works by writing continuing resolutions several times a year.)

So, if Democrats think no one will notice, with all the talk of Government health care and all of their other unconstitutional blunders in the forefront, they can simply remove the defunding language and POOF! we the tax payers will once again be paying for ACORN’s garbage tactics and partisan goals.


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