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Fewer Americans believe in Global Warming

Stop the Press. Hold the phone. Al Gore is going to need a lobotomy after he reads the new survey released by the Pew Research Center which shows even less support for the Global warming conspiracy that he and his lefty cronies continue to cash in on daily.

The survey, released on Thursday, provided new insights into the ineffective and unsubstantiated claims that the earth is warming, polar bears are dying and the end is nigh, which in the end are nothing more than a means for the left to further take control of public industry, citizens lives and individual rights. The numbers and the “facts” are not adding up, a rather “inconvenient truth” for Global warming hysterics, and the public sentiment is shifting more and more.

According to the survey, which polled 1,500 American adults, 57% believe there is “solid evidence the earth is warming”, down 14% from a similar poll completed April 2008. In addition, 36% believed that this warming was called by human activity, down 11% from last years poll, and only 35% believe that global warming is a “serious problem” in contrast to the 44% who believed the same last year.

The survey showed a downward shift in opinion by Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike. Big trouble for the Global warming alarmists and yet another reason to pay no attention tot he hype and fear Gore and his ever growing chums are spewing.


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