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Poll: Reid polling badly with both sides of the aisle

Every poll, from the reputable to the downright partisan, have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) in the dumpster of public opinion and early reelection polling. Reputable sources such as Rasmussen Reports have Reid down as much an average of 9 percentage points to either of the possible Republican candidates. Rasmussen polled 500 likely voters on September 14, 2009 and found that Sue Lowden (R) would win by 10% at 50% to 40% and Danny Tarkanian (R) by 7% at 50% to 43%.

The Progressive Change Committee Campaign, a crazy left wing polling and research group who works with such beacons of liberalism as the Daily Kos, polled 600 Democratic voters asking questions about Sen. Reid. When asked “Do you think Harry Reid is a strong leader or a weak leader?”, more than 51% said that he was weak. The poll showed a split in Democratic voters over the public option. Those in opposition of the public option (around 52% of all voters, many Democrat) are less likely to vote for Reid if he backs it while 34% will be less likely to back him if he does not fully support the public option.

Reid is in trouble and like any progressive politician the feelings of the people are at the bottom of his list of concerns. Senator Reid should heed the warnings of these polls and do us all a favor and quit now. The lying and dirty politics he has engaged in for years has the people of Nevada looking for someone who will represent them and get things done.

Bye Bye “Dingy” Harry.


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