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Another “Republican” Senator open to Health Care Bill

collinsAfter yesterday’s (not) surprising “I’m a yes” vote by Sen. Olympia Snowe (not really R-Maine), on the health bill vote in the Senate Finance Committee, another so-called “Republican” from the politically confused State of Maine has said she will back massive government health care reform. Senator Susan Collins (not really R-Maine) told The Associated Press today that the bill approved Tuesday by the Finance Committee needs “substantial improvements” to make coverage more affordable, contain costs, and protect Medicare.

“My hope is we that can fix the flaws in the bill and come together with a truly bipartisan bill that could garner widespread support,” Collins said in an interview. “I think this bill is far superior to the ones passed by the Senate (health) committee and the three House committees, but it needs substantial additional work,” said Sen. Collins.

Senators Collins and Snowe argue that support of the Baucus bill (named for Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucas), “a middle of the road bill”, is a show of support for health care overhaul not the public option. Yet, Sen. Snowe’s yes vote yesterday has helped pave the way for a radical, liberal crafted bill, headed by none other than Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada). Sen. Reid is a lefty with nothing to lose and will write the bill with that in mind. His re-election hopes are in the gutter according to prominent pollsters which leaves the door wide open for him to show his true colors, as a Statist, without any hesitation. Now, with the support of Sen. Collins, the Democrats will likely be able to pass what they want, a massive government run program, fines for the uninsured, and exorbitant taxes and fines for private insurance companies and small businesses.

simply put, Senators Snowe and Collins, call themselves Republicans yet vote or pledge to vote in support of a bill that will punish the free market, fine healthy citizens without health care and lower the overall quality of health care in America, and it will only cost $829 billion over 10 years. What a deal.

Do us all a favor and quit now because re-election is not likely in your future Senator Snowe and if you don’t watch your mouth (and your vote), you might be in trouble as well Sen. Collins. Remember, your job is not to vote based on what you believe is good for America, but to vote based on what your constituents believe is good for America. You represent the half of the State of Maine with the permission of the people and if their wishes are not met, well, bye, bye.


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