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White House: Fox News not news but ‘a wing of republican party’

fox-news-logoWhite House communications director Anita Dunn has openly attacked Fox News.  Let me say that again; The White House has attacked a public news organization and accused it of bias.  What country are we living in?  If media bias were an issue why are CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, The New York Times, and a plethora of other “news” organizations still in business and geysers of  liberal bias.  American business is free to be as bias as they choose to be and since Fox News is not a non-profit but a tax paying entity, it is none of the Obama administrations business as to how they report news.

Still, this is not the issue at hand.  The Obama administration continues to show it’s true colors on a daily basis, as a leftist regime or at the least the makings of one.  They lie to the public and then lie about the lies, they call any descent “extremist banter”, they call any criticism “racist”, they see any negative press as bias and if you ask them about it the next day, they will tell you they never accused anyone of anything.

Back to the filth the Obama administration is spewing.

“Let’s not pretend they’re (Fox News) a news network,” White House Communications Director Dunn said on CNN, of all stations (that beacon of quality news).  She accused Fox News of being “the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party” and “a wing of the Republican Party.”  Why the attacks on Fox News?  Well, they are the top cable news service and have an intelligent and educated viewer base.  Oh yea, and they were not knee deep in praise for the most reverend, all knowing, all seeing, his holiness the Dalia Obama.  This is the core problem with Fox News in the eyes of the White House.  They simply will not kiss Obama ass and the administration can’t stand it.

Obama will not go on Fox News, berates it every chance he gets and (thankfully) marginalizes himself from the largest news viewership in the nation (aka informed voters).  Yet they have no reservations about 24 hour MSNBC access to the administration.  (I guess this is due to their non-partisan reporting and their stellar track record.)  Let’s take a look at that wonderful record.  Chris Matthews gets “chills running up (his) leg” when Obama speaks, Rachel Maddow did not get the message with the failure of Air America that American’s were not interested in her leftist banter and continues to espouse her failed message at MSNBC, Keith Olberman is drunk and stupid, and the rest of the lineup is so bad that no one knows their names nor cares what they do or say. Still, they love Obama and praise his every decision as “masterful”, “unique”, ” historical”.   CNN has done much of the same and has lost it’s only conservative voice (Glenn Beck) and is about to push it’s only moderate out the door as well (Lou Dobbs). I will not even attempt to touch NBC, CBS, ABC or the newspaper industry accept to say “news” is not the word for what they do but rather “opinion” papers, and “NBC nightly opinion”.

As for Fox News, there is no denying they are a right leaning organization but that is only fair in an America full of Leftist groups parading as “news” organizations and a large portion of a  public that couldn’t tell the difference in partisan banter and real, hard news.  Fox News is “fair and balanced” when compared to the rest.  While their reporters are right leaning, the discussions always look at both sides of the coin and have experts from from the left and the right on to debate the issues.  On any other “news” channel or newspaper, you hear from liberal reporters and Democratic guests who report the facts about as well as preschoolers.

At the end of the day, Fox News is at the top of the food chain and the American public decides what is and is not news.  For now (and for many years now) they have spoken and Fox News reports what they want to hear from a viewpoint that they (the public) agrees with and at the end of the day watches.  So, President Obama, please continue to ignore the largest cable news organization, please continue to attack Fox News for reporting fair news, and please, please, please continue to play make believe when considering descent  as nothing more than simple, extremist banter.

2010 here we come!


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