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Socialist Norway presents Pro-Socialist Obama with Peace Prize

socialismWhy it is a surprise that the Socialist nation of Norway presented President Obama with the Nobel Peace prize?  Norway, which is currently controlled by the Red-Green Party, a coalition between Norway’s Labor, Centre, and Socialist parties, has presented the prize since it’s creation and was chosen as the award givers due to their weak foreign policy and laissez-faire attitude towards conflict.  Unlike the Nobel Prizes for science, which is given by Switzerland, the Peace prize has always been a Socialist political statement intended to reign down praise on one of Socialism’s power hungry followers for “all the good they have done.”  This is Socialism at it’s finest.  Let’s create an award to give to one of our own and we can eat and drink and be merry about how wonderful we are while the whole world watches (or better continues on with their lives ignoring your royal asses).

Still, even with it’s Socialist leanings, this is an interesting statement by all the Marxists and Communists of the world, awarding Obama with the prize.  They are foaming at the mouth with anticipation as they watch and hope that America finally can be brought down where it belongs with sick, old Europe and its wonderful socialist tendencies.

While the prize means nothing to everyday people both here and abroad, it is amusing to watch the left of the world go viral over the award.  If there was any doubt about Obama’s political leanings, after his pro-Marxist University papers, his admission that Karl Marx was a hero in two of his books, and his actions as president thus far, this award can put all concern to rest, he is a socialist.

On a side note:  It is interesting to note that Alfred Nobel intended for the Peace prize to be given to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”  Obama has been in political power for under one year, has not succeeded in coming to any “peace” agreement with North Korea, Iran or the Palestinians.  He has not pulled our troops out of Iraq (yet), and has sent an additional 26,000 troops to Afghanistan (the only smart thing he has done).

My guess is that the socialists see his weakening of America, his apology tour 2009 and his unwavering support for the (anti-Semitic, pro anything not American or Jewish) United Nations as bringing fraternity between nations (excluding America) and promoting peace congresses.


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