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Afghanistan is (not) a priority to White House…Gibbs still an idiot

Robert Gibbs, the most competent, masterful and articulate speaker of the house since John Adams (according to MSNBC) once again has shown the American people that he is indeed a moron.  Asked today whether the White House was committed to the War in Afghanistan, Gibbs responded “I don’t think we have the option to leave. That’s quite clear,” and just like that he dodges yet another simple yes or no question with a David Axelrod answer.

This administration is incapable of making decisions that support and defend the United States.  President Obama is more interested in non-stop, non-productive diplomacy.  This is not “peace” but rather the buildup to greater future confrontation.  The word appeasement comes to mind as Obama is more interested in keeping the peace within his leftist party than keeping the peace and lives of the American public safe and secure.


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